Saturday, April 26, 2008

Road Trip!

Hey! I almost forgot to fill you in. So anyway we took a trip up to IF to see where Phil's work work was moving to. Then we cruised around trying to find a Subway for lunch. Turns out the Subway was in the parking for the Batteries Plus, another place we were wanting to stop in and check out. Phil's van was giving us problems so he didn't want to turn it off while we ran into the Batteries Plus to check it out. Great call! While we were in there one of the water hoses decided to burst! Imagine if we had been on the freeway. What a mess that would have been. So the owners dad who was up visiting and helping her start her business took Phil to the Auto Zone for some parts, and helped us get the hose fixed. I am so thankful that he was there to help us. So if you in the Idaho Falls area and need a battery and no one seems to have what you need go by the Batteries Plus the owner is a really nice, and give 110%. So anywho the drive to Idaho Falls isn't so bad but I don't think his van will be making the trip. So now we'll be looking for a really gas efficient car for his commute.
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