Sunday, March 04, 2007

I've been told!

That I'm neglecting my blog. Yes Melany your right! Things as always have been busy. In the last 2 weeks we have been to so many doctor appointments we need a week to rest now. Phil has been having some lower abdominal pains so he finally! got to the doctors for some testing. Turns out he has Type 2 Diabetes. It was out of control, but had nothing to do with his pain. So it was another doctor, and another test, and more blood, and another test. So far it looks like there's no cancer which is a good thing. They did find something in his intestines and removed it. He's feeling better now so we're not sure if that was causing the pain or just having some time off work gave him a rest. I have to say though going back to work on Monday will be more of a rest for him than all the doctors and tests in the last 2 weeks. His blood sugar is in control now which is good, and all we have to do is wait on one more result on a blood test.
Saturday Bryce participated in the AWANA Games, Spark-O-Rama. His team got Second Place! I'm working on a layout right now for that. I'm sure out of 200 pictures I should find some good ones to do layouts with. Don't you think?
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