Wednesday, December 20, 2006


That's right I will never use Winkflash again! Everyone sorry the Christmas cards were late getting out but it took them forever! To print my order then ship them out. On top of that they shipped the wrong size card it's not what I ordered! Then the chopped off a good portion of the card. Word of advise if it's cheap expect cheap service. Of course it wasn't so cheap for me they ACCIDENTALLY double charged me. I finally a week after faxing them all the documentation they wanted they send me an email saying that they will credit me back in another 5 to 10 DAYS! If I'm correct that makes it like NEXT YEAR! A bit late for doing some Christmas shopping. And really late to pick up stocking stuffers! This leaves me feeling so burned. I'll try another online company next time. Meanwhile I'll be praying for a Costco to open here.
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