Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Digi Top Ten Week 1

Digi Top Ten. Week One Top Ten of your worse habits or things you would want to change about yourself ??

I've thought about and here's my list.

1. Go to sleep earlier. I am such a night owl
2. Be more patient. Some times I can be so short on my temper with the kids.
3. Be more organized. I cam so disorganized!
4. Clean house. My house is such a mess.
5. Think of more creative lessons. Sometimes I think I get into a rut when homeschooling.
6. Excersice more. Going to the gym can be so boring with out a work out partner.
7. Scrap more. Seems like lately I just don't have time to scrap paper or digi.
8. Read more. I remember when I read atleast one book a month. I really need to do that again.
9. Make some me time. When you homeschool you have the kids 24/7/365 and it can wear one down.
10. I need to do today not wait for tomorrow. I always put off today what I can do tomorrow, and things I should do today I still put off.
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